These days dogs wear many hats in our lives. They can be the smiling face we love to see when we get home, the constant companion on the go with us for the day, and the reason a person having a bad day looks forward to a better future. Of course, there are a million other things we could list here, but the bottom line is that over the last 50 years our dogs lives have changed immensely.  We now count on our dogs to help us through life situations other than herding the cattle or chasing the critters off. 
Therapy is one of the many ways we ask our dogs to integrate into our ever-changing life styles. The days of therapy in a retirement home or hospital are expanding into greater things here in Springfield. I just want to list the great things these dogs have in store for them in hopes to help guide people into become future handlers in the ever-growing world of therapy! 

One of my therapy team hopefuls is beginning their journey into being a reading buddy team for children that have difficult with different aspects of reading.

Another has been working in a local school since the beginning of the 2015 school year. This team is here to brush up on their handling and dog behavior skills even though they are already making a difference in children’s lives. 
I am excited that one of the teams is getting ready to begin helping victims of terrible circumstances be at ease while they tell their story to officials.
After years of self-confidence building and obedience classes, one of our dobermans is going to begin going to local hospice facilities to brighten up peoples’ days.
Our newest practicing team is hoping to go to school and help children as well someday!
So if you think your dog is a certain kind of special…one that can help people…Contact a local positive trainer today!