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Private Dog Training in Battlefield, MO

​Sometimes you just need the experience and personal attention of a professional dog trainer. In our initial consultation I will explain our different training options. Then, in our one-on-one training sessions, we will implement a step-by-step training plan that moves you and your K9 in a positive direction.

Group Class Dog Training in Battlefield

Precious K9s also offers professional dog training in small groups. Our class roster and list of workshops is ever changing and growing. Please check the calendar for upcoming classes and descriptions. You never know what we might be teaching and what guest teachers we might have!

Therapy Dog Training in Battlefield, MO

Precious K9s Therapy is a company that is focused on the well-being of our four-legged family members while visiting people that can benefit from the therapeutic effect dogs can have on us. This is a group of individuals dedicated to making a difference with their best friend by their side.


The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen® (CGC) Program is rapidly becoming recognized as the standard of behavior for dogs in our communities. ….

Do you and your dog love to be the life of the party by showing off his arsenal of tricks? Then he might be perfectly primed to earn AKC Trick Dog titles! ….

The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), established in 2001, is the leading independent certifying organization for the dog training profession. ….

Is it time for you to add a new member to the family?

It is so exciting to bring a new puppy home. We get to go shopping.We take it everywhere with us and show everyone. It is exhausted by the end of each day and sleeps with us perfectly...Then we go back to real life...Now we have a little peeing, pooping, and sometimes...

When should you start training your new dog?

When should you start training your new dog?The long and short answer is..." Immediately"!First impressions are important with humans, but imagine what they are like for a dog... They are brought out of familiar surroundings and put into a whole new life. Sometimes...

Unwanted Behaviors

I often times start out a lesson listening to all of the things a dog does that the parents don't appreciate. "How can I get my dog to stop digging, barking, shredding my house, etc."? The long and short answer is...EXERCISE... Yep it's kind of that simple......

Can you fix every dog?

As a professional I am asked difficult questions weekly if not daily.  One of the hardest questions I have been asked over the years is, "Can you fix my dog"?   Unfortunately, the answer is more complicated than just "yes" or "no".  Over the years I...

Resource Guarding

How many of you have brought home a new dog...loved everything about it...and then one day it growled or snapped at you over a toy, or it's food, or a piece of trash?!?! This is a behavior called Resource Guarding. It is a behavior all animals do to some extent....

Walking with your dog should be like therapy.

There aren't many things that are as relaxing as going on a long walk with your dog...right?! Okay, so some of you are laughing right now...but hang in here with me...Picture you and your dog on the perfect walk. Choose where you like to walk the city,...

Dogs helping children

I was invited to speak last week at my children's school for career day. The school has a non verbal child that listens really well, but I noticed he was trying to find things to do with his hands a lot. The teacher asked if he could pet "V" the Pug, who has been...

Therapy with dogs in today’s world

These days dogs wear many hats in our lives. They can be the smiling face we love to see when we get home, the constant companion on the go with us for the day, and the reason a person having a bad day looks forward to a better future. Of course, there are a million...

My new blog

This is a new blog that I am going to use as a place to talk about the things that come up in my giant world of dog training. There are many days that I would just love to tell someone about the class I had, or the client that was trying so hard to save their dog....

What is really happening when you punish a behavior out of your dog?

     All to often I have people tell me things such as, "He used to growl at me, but I broke him of that really quickly" or "She used to jump on people, but now all I have to do is show her the newspaper and she will stand quietly". That's great, maybe,...

Is training really important for your foster dog?

Yes! Yes! and Yes!    My Facebook page, and really my career, revolves around my behavioral modification training programs. I am fortunate that after almost 20 years of training, I have the ability to offer many different programs that can benefit many...

Doggie Daycare…Is it for you and your pup?

     There are many factors that come into play when it comes to choosing whether or not daycare is for you and your furry family member.          1) Location: Is it convenient to drop off and pick up?   ...

Do you really know Springfield’s laws on dogs?

     I don't normally link my two blogs together, but I feel it is important I reach the largest audience possible. Many of you don't know that Springfield, Mo has Breed Specific Legislation. But many of you do know of the legislation because you...

From Unpredictable Puppy to Distinguished Gentleman

From Unpredictable Puppy to Distinguished Gentleman An email I received from a student... When I first came to Sidekick with my baby Boxer, Julius Caesar, he was about nine weeks old.  He was born June 4, 2012 and I got him when he was about 6 or 7 weeks old.  This...

Giving medication to an alligator?

       Is giving medication to your dog like giving medication to an alligator?      Medication may sometimes be a necessity, but no one wants to walk around with scars from giving medication to your pet. Even if your dog...

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When Should Dog Training Begin?

First impressions are important with humans, but imagine what they are like for a dog. They are taken from familiar surroundings and placed in a whole new experience where they don’t know the language or the rules. Sometimes they are transitioning from a place with no dogs to home with multiple dogs. Sometimes they have to learn quickly about children and how they move and make loud noises.
You never know what a dog has encountered in it’s life, so you want to slowly introduce it to all of it’s new surroundings without causing some sort of emotional trauma.
While all this can be overwhelming, it’s also import to begin teaching positive behaviors immediately! Starting at square one and teaching your new dog to be calm in all circumstances can be priceless. The fewer times they practice the wrong behavior, the fewer times they will need to practice the right one, in order for it to become muscle memory. If we always sit for a food dish…then we ALWAYS sit for a food dish. It can also decrease any anxiety when you give them positive structure.
Let’s get your canine started in a positive direction. Check out our list of classes and workshops. Online registration is available. Click here for answers to our most frequently asked questions. Or contact us to talk about your particular training needs.
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Been attending for years now because my dog and I love it. We’ve learned so many things.

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