Precious K9s Testimonials

I am so thankful for you ( Carrie) & wish you were in Austin with me now!!
Shela R

Awesome facility! Awesome instructors! Highly recommend!

Mischelle Reynolds

Loved the puppy paw level 1 class. We can’t wait to continue the journey.

Jill Satterfield

 Helpful with the energetic black lab mix we were training. Give it a shot!
Quimbie McHaffie (Q)

Very nice facility and very nice people. I can tell they are great at training doggos.

J phunk punk

Very friendly staff. Great classes for training your dog starting with teaching puppies. Love Precious K9s!

Angela Mayer

Awesome place did a good job setting it up and it’s very nice

Craig “CJ” Mayo

PK9s is a great place to practice agility! In and out in 35 minutes. So simple.

Roberta Mansfield

This place was heplful with my question and she didnt discriminate on my pittbull but enjoyed having her there to meet

Chris Erwin

Friendly expertise. Can’t say enough good! 

Sue H

We enjoy the agility class here. Howard does a great job of training to each dog and handler for their needs. The dogs get plenty of practice in a setting that mimics a competition ring. Our dog loves it and so do we.

No7t Tom

As new owners to a Bullmastiff puppy we decided to work with Precious K9’s for training. We have experienced top notch training and staff commitment at every level. They are patient, kind and very knowledgeable. Nothing short of amazing… we definitely plan on continuing our training with this talented and dedicated crew.

Anna Hufft

My dog and I have done 2, 6 week classes and enjoyed it and he learned alot. The trainers are all very friendly and helpful as well as having a very nice facility. Would recommend checking them out

jacob lair

Great training facility. Well equipped for all training disciplines. The trainers are knowledgeable and will coach and support you to gain the techniques to enrich your life with your companion. We have achieved more than I could have hoped for with their help.

Mark MIerkowski

We love PK9s for a multitude of reasons: their amazing staff; the dedication to educating people on the “why” of dog behaviors; the amazing facility…to name a few. We took Grover to learn, but we learned as much or more about how to be better dog parents.

Jen Boulch

We have a young Collie, who just went through “All Paws In”

Next is Team Work and you can go to the Agility Training like we’re doing or in all types of Service Dogs Training.

We had Natalie, whom we’ve had before,& we Love her and waiting for her next class.

It’s a Stair-Step system,which I like better so you and your dog together learn with other dogs.

They don’t do what some other places do where you have 20-30 dogs per class,Precious K-9 s only allows 7 dogs per class, which is Perfect, because Everyone has the attention of the teacher,and I thought made the Dogs more Comfortable and quickly caught on ,& they seemed to retain the teachings.
We can’t wait for our next class

Michael Green

I’ve done a few classes here and all of the trainers have been very friendly and really seem to know their stuff. I’ve had a couple of bad experiences at some other training facilities that I’ve been to before, but this place has always made me feel very welcome despite one of my dogs acting up during class (husky with a short attention span) and the other one struggling with reactivity. It’s also a very nice facility and they have all sorts of different classes with lots of start times to choose from so it’s convenient to find a class that works for your schedule. Highly recommend!

Hailey Rogers

I took a bit of time searching different dog trainers in my area. I am very pleased with choosing Precious K9. All the instructors are very friendly and knowledgeable. We just started my third class here with my young high energy pup, and I can tell all the training we have done here is working wonders. Highly recommend!

Samantha Johns

We’ve had our two dogs go through a few classes each. They have both learned so much and, more importantly, we have learned how to communicate with them so much better. Carrie, the staff, and trainers are so awesome. They all have great personalities and are eager to help us live our best doggie lives. Highly recommended.

Ryan Kerr

I love the team here. The most well knowledged and trained people I know of to help a dog. This team works tirelessly to help both rescues and individuals to build a great team between dog and their human. I don’t refer to anyone but them.

Cissy Ashlock

This has been a very fine experience for our Dog my Wife and I we have all gained much from the class that Carrie has planned. A very professional experience.

quentin braun

Excellent trainers to get you loving training! Workshops, online classes, private instruction or consultations, etc.

Been attending for years now because my dog and I love it. We’ve learned so many things.

The instructors have been with us every step of the way from furniture out the door in pieces to now napping in workshops.😆😆

Colleen Q

Precious K9's
Precious K9's

PK9s Trainers

Precious K9s has an amazing group of trainers that each excel in their favorite area of K9 training. Some are passionate about Therapy Teams. We have trick dog instructors and beginning obedience instructors. Some just love to teach the puppies! The one common denominator is that they all love to educate about K9 behavior. The trainers always make sure to spend time together where they can learn from one another and keep up on the most progressive ways to train your dog and theirs.