Having a scared or reactive dog can be hard to live with. It’s somewhat like a catch 22… They are going nuts in the house because they need exercise, but you don’t even want to take him out the front door where people can see him act like a nutcase. So how do you take the edge off so that you can get him out the front door? The answer sounds easy, but teaching your dog to handle life better takes dedication. 
Nutrition, exercise, and a training plan are the keys to helping your furry friend learn to deal with life in the outside world.
Nutrition is important because sugar and hormone levels have to be right to make the dog’s brain capable of absorbing what you are going to teach him. A dog typically needs to eat a meat based diet twice a day. This will keep your dog from the emotional roller coaster ride foods high in corn can cause. 
Exercise is important for the same reason it is important for humans. It helps lessen anxiety and slows their body down so they are more receptive to the world around them. If they can slow down enough to pay attention to you, you can teach them how to deal with different situations. At this point your dog will be getting mental and physical exercise.
Training is what brings all the components together. A good positive trainer can teach you how to work with your dog in a low distraction area like your house. When your dog understands the games, your trainer will help you to take the behaviors outside. It often relaxes you to know you have a Certified Professional standing next to you.  If it doesn’t relax you, then the trainer should remind you to breath and help you to learn how to relax again. If both ends of the leash know what to do, then both ends will learn to go out the door as a team and enjoy life. 
Here is a good article from Whole Dog Journal if you want to read further about reactivity. 
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