Is giving medication to your dog like giving medication to an alligator?

   Medication may sometimes be a necessity, but no one wants to walk around with scars from giving medication to your pet. Even if your dog doesn’t agree he needs the meds, we can teach him to think taking them is just another thing you do together as a team. You can do this by using positive reinforcement and taking your time the first few doses. This will help you through your dog’s whole life. Believe it or not you can actually turn medication time into no big deal.
      Clicker training is a great way to desensitize your dog to the body handling necessary for vetting. Taking your time is the key. You start way below your dog’s threshold and make it a game before “pushing the envelope”. Maybe your dog can only handle your hand over their head with no contact… Make it a game. I put my hand near you, you get a click and a treat. Your nose bumps the medicine bottle, you get a click and a treat. Don’t get frustrated with slow progress. Body handling will get better with time. You’re dog knows when you are upset, and that slows down and possibly moves progress backwards. Ever hear “one step forward, two steps back”? Slow yourself down and give yourself at least 15 minutes the first session. Eventually your dog will be happy to take their medications… Just don’t forget the treat for being a good puppy when they are taking their medications like a pro!