I don’t normally link my two blogs together, but I feel it is important I reach the largest audience possible. 
Many of you don’t know that Springfield, Mo has Breed Specific Legislation. But many of you do know of the legislation because you know someone who has to pay each year to own a dog with with no temperament issues. If you know me… you know someone who has to pay to own a dog with no temperament issues. Why? Because I own an American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT)… actually I own two… For those of you who know me well, you know that it’s not my deaf, half paralyzed, 12 year old APBT you have be careful of… it’s my smallest dog you should watch out for! Hehe
     All joking aside, please read my most current blog entry on my 
Dog Legislation Education (DLE) blog. 
 Everyone needs to be informed. Feel free to comment and ask me questions. It helps me see how each person feels about power breeds and how I can help educate the public on both sides of the Breed Specific Legislation fence. You can also email me to ask questions anonymously.