People who spend a lot of time with their dogs, know their dogs. (Or at least should) If you ever hear yourself say, “That’s not something my dog usually does”, STOP. What was the thing your dog did? Is it a dog (or any animal) you haven’t had for very long? If so they could hopefully just be adapting to your home. If not, or if it’s a dog you have had for years… you have to look a little more carefully. The behavior could be anything; sleeping more; sleeping less; eating more; eating less; pacing; whining; not wanting to go on a bike ride; less interest in toys; licking obsessively and the list goes on. Noticing something out of the ordinary can mean the difference between life and death. Unfortunately our furry friends can’t tell us if something is wrong with them, so we have to listen to the subtleties. If you have any worries, talk to your vet. If you want a second opinion, don’t worry about hurting your veterinarian’s feelings. If anyone is a true professional they wont mind. I talk with my colleagues all the time to see if they have any different ideas to help with behavioral issues. I want all dogs to do well in life, even if it wasn’t my idea that helped them. So love your four legged furry friends and take notice when they might be trying to tell you something important.