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This slow pace passive class is applicable to all levels and is focused on supported resting poses, breathing deeply, and self-affirmation. This healing movement helps to balance out high-intensity workouts by increasing flexibility and moving our bodies . Restorative yoga has been proven to decrease cortisol stress hormone, boost recovery process from any illness or injury, balance the nervous system, and improve sleep.

Gentle Flow

A beginner level Yoga that connects individual poses with deep breaths in a series of flowing sequences of movement.

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Hello fellow Yogis, My name is Bianca Page. I am 22 years old, a Missouri native, and just graduated from The University of Mississippi-Ole Miss in May of 2021. I am so grateful and honored to offer you a space and time to do this unique practice. Whether you are here to gain flexibility, improve mental health, or just breathe, yoga is a great way to create a deeper connection within yourself. The most extraordinary aspect about yoga is there is never an “end”, there is always something you can improve upon or go deeper into. You are always learning and growing in the midst of yoga practice. My goal is to give my students a judgement-free space where they can let go and find mindfulness, strength, peace, and confidence.

Yoga Coach

Registered Yoga Teacher - RYT 200

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  • 10 Class Package $120 ($12 ea) Good for 3 months
  • 1 Month Unlimited $65
  • 1 Month Unlimited on Autopay $60

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Through the month of February 2022 you can get a free class for bringing a friend too!

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